2. I’ve prettty much stopped posting to this blog.  Find my recent photos at 


  3. Bike MPLS!

    Support cycling in your city: 


  4. starting up an new project.  hopefully a full series of collages to follow


    the walls of Riverside Plaza.  

    Reimagined collage of Minneapolis architect Ralph Rapson’s iconic apartments.  

    This is original art and is available for sale in print, shirt, phone case and more:  


  5. fast guys and gals.  Stumbled upon the #naturevalleygrandprix

    (Source: pkatkins)

  6. love this spiral

    (Source: pkatkins)

  7. peaceful ride through the graveyard.

  8. Happy hour at Brits pub with da boys.

  9. Sunday Funday.  But got kicked out so it wasnt that fun.

  10. Northern Spark!

  11. rain day over the lake


  13. pkatkins:

    I know that only a handful of people from minneapolis follow my blog, but I would like to put it out there: I WANT TO TAKE YOUR PICTURE.

    Im an amateur photographer, but would like to get a little practice taking pictures of people. If you are a model looking to build your portfolio or just an…

  14. After the move, I have a new bike route to work.  Greenway to Cedar Lake Trail to Penn Ave N.

  15. chicken mushroom.  #edible